My body is my truth

If our identity is formulated by what we write, the opinions we voice out, the images of ourselves that we put in circulation, we quickly come to realize that this last category has become increasingly important over the last few years (the development of social networks and the ease with which one can publish and broadcast images of themselves is staggering).

At the same time, it is becoming even more difficult to be heard when we choose to voice our opinion. Strangely enough, this overexposure makes us invisible.

Thus the body itself has become an artistic medium in its own right. It can allow us to proclaim our opinion (cf Femen movement) or it can allow us to assert ourselves as a member of a group (tattoo art).

In both cases our body allows us to attract attention, to be a part of or to exist.

Our relationship to our body Is also a way to present a bare truth, a sincerity, an unaltered authenticity – if you can read it on my body then it has to be true!

This investigation of truth also has an esthetic aspect to it. There is a sort of beauty or at least meaning that emerges from such a research (or at least a sort of animal attraction).

The message that is thus presented is clear, strong and simple.

We can transpose this idea through enlarged lettering, motifs made out of letters, the opposition of black and white when opposed to blocks of color, mystic symbols, Hebrew letters, lace, revealing play of transparency and light, mystic symbols and leather.